Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to Pakistan Food Recipies

Recipes of famous pakistani dishes. Best Pakistani cuisines. recipes in urdu. Learn how to coock Pakistani dishes. These all are our basic objectives for having online presence. Soon we will post on our web site the best hotels and restaurants all over pakistan sepcially in Lahore, islamabad, Karachi and other areas of Pakistan that are popular for its cuisines.
Pakistan food recipes is the best place for food lovers to gather recipes online for their favorite dishes. These recipes are not only based on Pakistani food and cuisines or dishes but other continental foods.
Our main recipes include how to cook recipes for Rice, wheat, vegetables, meat, chicken, mutton, fish, seafood, crabs, prawns or shrimps, lintels (daal chaawal or chawal), spices, poultry eggs and many more.
Mixture of these food products are used in making delicious pakistani dishes. Other desi elements or products used in our recipes include butter or makhan, lassi, ghee, chatni, pickles, achaar and many more.
Not only this, but if you think you are a cooking expert of Pakistani dishes and want to share your recipes with other pakistani ladies, we'll soon develop area where you can post your recipes and make other women or men benefit from your ideas. Most our recipes for Pakistani dishes are healthy, fast and easy so young girls can easily pick and follow.
We have listed ideas for preaparation of Pakistani wedding food or wedding feast.
We can help you in designing menu for including dishes in weddign feast.

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