Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bhel Puri Recipe

\250 gms. potatoes
½ cup of diced tomato
2-3 onions sliced (rough form)
1 cup of boondi (see note) or besan pakoray
1 cup of pre-boiled chick peas
1-2 green chilies - chopped.
1/2 cup of chopped fresh coriander (Dhaniya) leaves.
Papri (chips made of dough)
Salt according to taste
2 cup plain rice pops crispy (murmuray)
1-2 cup Sweet Imli chutney
1 kg. Yogurt whipped
Chaat masala as required.


Boil potatoes till soft, peel and dice.

In a bowl combine the potato, tomato, sliced onion, fresh dhaniya, green chilies, and boondi and chick peas.

Keep the chutney and yogurt in separate bowls to be added according to taste.

In another bowl combine the papri and rice crispies. You can also add a handful of plain corn flakes to make it crunchier.

To serve up, in a plate add the vegetable mixture. Top it with the dry ingredients mixture. Add yogurt, chutney, salt and chat masala according to taste.


  1. hmmmmm.....nice one

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  3. Looks so delicious and yummy, i am felling hungry, Now i am going to try this.