Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How is Pakistan?

It's often easy to motivate somebody about a place or activity and it's easy to make the person start dreaming about going there / doing it. But this dream often ends when it is crushed by what we call reality. Sadly this "reality" is often only a lack of information or our own mindset. Often the dream is in fact very much feasible to fulfill and we just didn’t know.
If you are one of those who actually started to think about coming to Pakistan for purpose of AIESEC Internship, traveling or any other, but stopped yourself because “it's not possible” – this section is for you.
We have tried to put together different aspects of life in Pakistan that might be interesting to know and can show you how is life in this amazing country.
Despite being offered 144 million webpages when you search “Pakistan” in Google, we hope that this one will be the one that surprises you and shows you Our Pakistan :)
From talking to people, the things that are bringing the most stress are:
• Safety
• Visas
• Traveling
• Health

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