Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pakistani Food

In Pakistan, food varieties vary from one region to another. The foods of Pakistan are influenced by the food culture and trends of India, Iran, and Afghanistan. In Punjab and Sindh hot and spicy foods are eaten while in NWFP and Blouchistan province salty and roasted foods are eaten with less or almost no spices. In these regions the food trend, which is followed, comes from Afghanistan, Iran and Middle East. While the food trend, which is followed in Sindh and Punjab, also follow in India. One thing is common among the lays of Pakistani people i.e. “Roti” (wheat bread) and rice. Salad is taken with the food. Sweet dishes or desserts are eaten finishing the food.
Meat is very popular among Pakistani people, because of its taste and nutritious value. A Pakistani prefers to eat meat rather than grain. White meat i.e. chicken meat, fish meat is very popular. Meat of goat and buffalos are also very popular and different kinds of dishes are prepared from these meats.
Most popular and routine dishes include curries often prepared in the combination with different vegetables such as bitter gourd, spinach, saag cauliflowers, cabage and others.
Special curry is the “karhai” chiken karhai or mutton karhai made with the tomato paste and garlic. Other most popular are sri pae, kofta, nihari, and korma.
“Daal” or pulses are most commonly prepared and eaten in Pakistan, “Daal chawal”is the popular most dish. The special dish, which is made with pulses and meat, is “Haleem”. Barbeque is another special kind of food, which is full of spices these dishes are: seekh kabab, chicken tikka, tandori chicken, chargah, mutton tikka, chakna. In balouchistan, sajji is the special dish, which is a raosted lamb that is stuffed with rice; only salt is used in this dish. Rice dishes are also very popular; Biryani is the most popular dish in Sindh while pullao in Punjab. There are different ways to prepare different kinds of biryani such as bombai biryani, sindhi biryani and others.
Wheat bread or “roti” is a most common type of bread that is used almost everywhere in Pakistan. Other kinds of roti are: Sheermaal, Taftan, Paratha, Puri, Roghni naan, chapatti and others. Kabab is a popular type of grilled meat, different kinds of kababs are: Chapli kabab, seekh kabab, Shami kabab, Bihari kabab, murgh kabab and others. Bun kabab is a popular kind of sandwich. Sweets and desserts are taken after salt food. Popular desserts are kheer, sheer khourma, Ras malai, falooda, kulfi. Sweets are gulab jamon, barfi, chumchum, bhashani and others. Halvas are also very popular and important sweet dish, Multani sohan halva is very popular in Pakistan. Other kinds of halva are gajar ka halva (carrot’s halva), soji halva and others. Pakistani people are fond of drinking “tea”and lassi is popular in Punjab. Qehwa is popular in NWFP and Balouchistan. Other popular drinks are Lemonade, Rooh afza, jam-e-shiri, tang, sharbat of sandal (sandle wood) and others.

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