Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Festival Menus

The Pakistani food is extremely rich and tasty. A typical festival menu would include the following:
There are any types of breads served in Pakistan:
1. Puri – this is usually half palm sized circles deep fired in oil. It is eaten with curry or sweet dishes. This is also used most commonly for breakfast.
2. Paratha – this is a chapatti to which ghee is added while cooking. It is eaten with curds (for breakfast), fried vegetables or meat dishes.
3. Naan – this is made out of white flour an cooked in the tandoor; best eaten hot. There are many types of naan, such as Roghni Naan or Kandahari naan, butter naan, etc.
4. Taftaan – this is leavened flour kneaded with cardamom and saffron. This is sweet and flavored.
5. Sheermaal – this is cooked with milk and butter and usually accompanied sweets at marriage feasts
The rice served at festive occasions are Basmati (a highly aromatic and long grained rice) which is prepared in different styles such as jeera rice (with cumin seeds), peas pulao (rice coked with peas), vegetable pulao (rice cooked with vegetables), etc. The most common rice preparation is the biryiani.

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