Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pakistani food in Dubai

Chat, gol gappas/pani puri, bhail puri, pakoras, samosay, gola ganda, sugar cane juice, biryani…..
We desis have the most ruined taste buds in the world:) And somehow no matter where we live we somehow find a place to satisfy our stubborn taste. So this is what I have done over past few weeks. I have discovered places for best Nihari, a chat corner that makes yummy chat, although different that the one we get in Pakistan nevertheless, good!
You can also get yummy gola ganda, same as the one in Dhoraji. And Sugar cane juice too! Although I do-not see many Pakistanis doing this business here, yet you can find many Indians especially Maloo’s into these desi food stuff. Hence you have to put in some effort to get the taste you want.
If the person who living in dubae and interested in doing the business then it’s a good opportunity for him to do this food business. Bring Pakistani speciallity…


  1. thanks for sharing this info....
    i realy love sugar cane juice. please suggest some places.

  2. visit this place its the best

  3. salam i wants the adress of shop which i can get golgappa,pani puri,chart,dahi bhalla all desserts n all pakistani food in dubai i really miss them alot plz send me adress

  4. try cafe aisha - it has one the best Karachi style Biryani and Gola Ganda. They also serve beef biryani. the biryani is properly cooked in Daig.