Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani cooking has many foods which are cheap and abundant. Wheat and flour products are the basis of the diet, one familiar form being CHAPATI. Another basic food is LASSI, milk from which curds and butterfat have been detached. Vegetables, usually are commonly used. Families with superior incomes eat more meat eggs, and fruits. And the more well off cook with GHEE, which is clarified butter, instead of with vegetable oil.

Several of the Muslim feasts involve in special dishes. Almond and pistachios are added as decorations as is the silver foil. In the Punjab, for example, the Moghlai' cuisine using tandoor ovens and elaborate preparations is important. In Baluchistan, cooks use the SAJJI method of barbecuing whole lambs and stick bread in a deep pit. BUNDA PALA (fish) is a well known delicacy of Sind. And the drink is THANDAL, which made from milk and a paste of fresh almonds, is a popular drink.

A technique of cookery called Moghlai' evolved at the Moguls court and even today it remains centered in Lahore. For example chicken tandoori, a dish in which chicken is cooked at low temperatures in special ovens called TANDOORS, and murgh musallum' in which the whole chickens are roasted with unique spices and ingredients. SHAHI TUKRA, a dessert of sliced bread, milk, cream, sugar and saffron, is one more left-over since the days of the Moguls.

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